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About E-Grind

E-Grind is your reliable supplier of Boron Carbide. We offer a complete range of Boron Carbide Materials and Boron Carbide Parts.

Our capacity of Boron Carbide material is 2,000MT per year. We supply Abrasive Grade, Refractory Grade and Nuclear Grade. Our material follows FEPA standard, JIS standard and Chinese Standard of GB/T2481-1998. Costumed made material is also available.

The capacity of our Boron Carbide parts is 1 million pieces per year. The main parts are Nozzle, Sealed washer, Armor plates, Neutron absorption block and Mechanical seal etc.

Our plant is equipped the advanced facilities and testing instruments: Vacuum Furnace, Air Mill; Coulter particle size analyzer from U.S.A.; Malvern Particle analyzer from UK; STAV2003 particle testing instrument from Germany, etc.

With ISO9001 quality management system, all our products are manufactured by strict procedures. With the advanced test equipments in our Lab, all shipments are tested carefully before delivery to assure the quality consistency. The quality standard for each customer is established. All the sample and shipment lots have been filed detailed and be able to traced.

Our aim is to provide customers the high quality products, most competitive pricing, the shortest delivery time and the unequaled service.